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Spectrum Eye Physicians

Your Bay Area Ophthalmologist Serving San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos & The Surrounding Communities

Welcome to Spectrum Eye Physicians, your Bay Area destination for quality vision and eye care. Every eye doctor on our team is committed to delivering precise and effective treatments, accurate diagnostics, and comprehensive exams to each and every patient. Visit one of our eye care offices in San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Cruz, or Los Gatos to meet your new ophthalmologist and get started on a treatment plan that's right for you.

Diagnostic Eye Care

From common refractive errors to devastating degenerative diseases, eye conditions and complications are very common. They're also easier to treat when we detect them early, because vision and eye conditions tend to get worse over time. We offer attentive and comprehensive eye care for every patient, including thorough evaluations and examinations to spot any errors or symptoms that require treatment.

Eye Exams - Regular eye exams are a crucial part of any eye care regimen, and we encourage all our patients to schedule annual exams with their eye doctor. Only an eye doctor can detect the early warning signs of diabetes in the eyes, for example, or zero in on slight color or focus abnormalities that may indicate a rare vision condition.

Vision Tests - If you rely on corrective eyewear, you also rely on your eye doctor to give you a precise prescription and notice any possible abnormalities in your eyes or vision. We also offer comprehensive vision tests that go beyond the standard letter charts in eyeglass stores to truly assess every aspect of your eyes' function and activity.

Treatments and Procedures‚Äč

Each location is a full-service ophthalmology clinic, with the equipment and experienced physicians we need to cover most of your treatment needs. If you have a disease, condition, or injury that affects your everyday life, you deserve an effective solution. We offer a variety of ophthalmology services, including:

Cataract Surgery - We do our best to stop the gradual clouding of the lens, but if it's too late for treatment, we will surgically remove your cloudy lens layer and help you work toward a smooth recovery and full vision restoration.

Glaucoma Treatment - Glaucoma can slowly destroy your optic nerves & vision -- unless it receives the proper treatment.  Our  ophthalmologist can treat glaucoma with medicated eye drops, oral medications or laser surgery to help excess fluid drain out of the eye. Visit us immediately if you notice any symptoms of Glaucoma or any decline in your vision.

Oculoplastics - Oculoplastic surgery is a specialized facial surgery that actually reconstructs the skin, tissue, and other facial structures around the eyes. Oculoplastic procedures restore function and form to the eyes, reversing aesthetic problems while allowing your eyes and eyelids to work correctly. We perform a variety of reconstructive oculoplastic procedures at Spectrum Eye, including ptosis (droopy lids), tearing issues, eyelid and eye socket reconstructions and orbital tumor removals.

Schedule Your Eye Exam Today!

At Spectrum Eye Physicians, we're currently seeing new patients, so we welcome every member of your family to schedule an appointment for their next eye exam. Our eye doctors see patients of all ages and lifestyles, and we're ready to find the solutions you need to correct your vision and protect your eyes. Whether you live in Saratoga or Santa Cruz, we offer ophthalmology services at a clinic near you.
Call one of our five offices to set up your appointment.