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Ophthalmology at Spectrum Eye Physicians

Most of the eye care clinics you encounter in daily life are optometry offices. If you have always gone to an optometrist for your primary eye care needs, you may be wondering how ophthalmologists differ, and why some needs might be better met by an ophthalmologist at Spectrum Eye Physicians. There is indeed a difference -- and the difference could be a critical one for your ocular health.

eye glasses on eye chart in san jose optometrist office

While optometrists (O.D.s) can provide primary eye care and basic treatment of eye diseases and disorders, ophthalmologists can provide even more extensive care. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (M.D.s) with a minimum of 8 years of training in ocular medicine and surgical techniques. This enables us to provide surgery and other treatments for all kinds of eye problems -- even as the skilled optometrists at our clinic provide primary eye care services. Ready access to advanced treatment options becomes especially critical after age 40, when many age-related causes of blindness become a genuine threat. We can serve as your all-in-one eye care provider so you don't have to go from eye doctor to eye doctor to get the treatment you need.

How Your Ophthalmologist at Spectrum Eye Physicians Can Help You

Your ophthalmologist here at Spectrum Eye Physicians provides a number of ophthalmology services to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and disorders. These services include:

  • Advanced eye disease treatment - We can perform laser surgery and other advanced treatments to control wet macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. We can also perform standard or laser-assisted cataract removal surgery, replacing the diseased lens with a variety of corrective artificial lenses (including multifocal and monovision lenses).

  • Retinal symptom diagnosis and treatment - If you're suffering from flashers, floaters and other signs of retinal trouble, we can detect and treat underlying causes such as a retinal tear or retinal detachment.

  • LASIK and Epi-LASIK surgery - Your ophthalmologist can perform LASIK surgery to correct your vision permanently by reshaping the contours of your corneas. For individuals with thin corneal tissue, we also offer Epi-LASIK surgery to correct your corneal contours without making any incisions.

  • Eyelid and oculoplastic services - We can address eyelid infections, ptosis, blepharitis, eyelid injuries or lesions and meibomian gland dysfunction (which can contribute to dry eye). We can also perform oculoplastic procedures on the eyelids, facial skin around the eyes and orbital area, up to and including replacement of a diseased eye with a prosthetic.

  • Acute eye care - Your eye doctor can remove foreign objects from the eye, treat serious eye injuries and help you recover from infections such as conjunctivitis. We can also relieve acute discomfort from pterygium ("surfer's eye") and dry eye syndrome.

Schedule Ophthalmology Services in Cupertino, Santa Cruz, San Jose, or Los Gatos CA

Discover the value of ophthalmology for yourself. Call our Cupertino, Santa Cruz, San Jose, or Los Gatos CA office to schedule an appointment at Spectrum Eye Physicians!