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Glaucoma Treatment 

Have you recently been diagnosed with glaucoma in San Jose, Los Gatos, San Jose or Cupertino? With the right eye care, you can retain your sight. Learn how our ophthalmologist helps you manage symptoms associated with glaucoma while providing treatment to slow the progression of the disease. 

man being treated for glaucoma by ophthalmologist in san jose, cupertino, santa cruz, saratoga

Glaucoma Causes & Symptoms 

Some people experience no symptoms of glaucoma. Others notice a slow worsening of their peripheral vision. Other indicators of glaucoma could be eye pain, vision loss, and hazy vision. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend scheduling an appointment for an eye exam. We can dilate your eyes, test your internal eye pressure, and determine whether you have glaucoma. If you have found us after receiving a glaucoma diagnosis, we can provide the proper treatment. 

One common cause of glaucoma is excess pressure in the eye. The pressure damages the optic nerve, so your brain cannot process information accurately and can potentially lead to blindness as a result. Other factors include certain diseases, such as diabetes, that increase your likelihood for developing glaucoma. Certain ethnicities can also face increased risk of glaucoma.

 Your eyes may have elevated pressure due to genetics, or because the drainage in your eyes is blocked by inflammation, oil, or a natural narrowing of the channel. By relieving pressure in the eye, our ophthalmologist can mitigate glaucoma. 

Glaucoma Treatment Options at Our Ophthalmology Clinics

Early detection is important to managing glaucoma symptoms and retaining the most of your vision. When you visit our eye doctor, we will test your eyes and ask about any symptoms you experience. We may perform tests to determine whether your glaucoma is congenital, primary, or secondary. We will also determine whether your glaucoma is closed, which has a sudden onset, or open, which is the most common type. 

In the early stages, glaucoma can be managed using medication. By using eye drops daily, you can decrease pressure in the eye and mitigate the progression of the disease. 

We may recommend laser surgery as a treatment for open angle glaucoma, which can reduce the pressure in your eyes. 

If medication is no longer controlling your glaucoma, and you are not a candidate for laser surgery, we may refer you out for a filtering operation. This procedure increases the eye drainage, and decreases glaucoma symptoms. 

While glaucoma cannot be cured, glaucoma treatment can help you enjoy your sight and slow progression of the disease. Our eye doctor is here to answer any questions you have about a glaucoma diagnosis and provide ongoing support as we work together to manage the disease. 

Visit Our Bay Area Ophthalmologists!

Our Bay Area Ophthalmologists have five convenient locations in Santa Cruz, Cupertino, San Jose and Los Gatos to best serve you. To reserve an appointment for glaucoma treatment at the location nearest you, call our eye disease physicians at 408-884-2215 or complete the form on our website.